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The site has been the home of a Roman Castle, and a place of civil gathering.The outer square is flanked by beautiful old mansions and other buildings like the masonic lodge and the Lindenhof fortification.It contains a number of unique pieces like an armory tower and a large collection of religious wooden liturgy carvings, panel paintings, and altars.

The opera house continues to be a world-class venue for Opera, and seats twelve hundred.Known worldwide for its banks, Zurich is the financial center of Switzerland.It has the largest and busiest airport and railway station in the nation, making it the first introduction to Switzerland for many foreign tourists.This Zurich’s street of high-end couture shops is the best-known shopping area in all of Zurich, as well as the most expensive real estate in all of Europe.Many of the world’s best known designers have stores here, along with the world headquarters of Credit Suisse, and the delicious chocolate shops and cafes of Paradeplatz square, on Lake Zurich, at the end of the street.

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The original theater that was built here was the main location for Richard Wagner’s works during his exile from Germany.

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