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As a rule of thumb, you should never trust the data received from end users and should always validate it before putting it to good use.

Given a model populated with user inputs, you can validate the inputs by calling the yii\base\Model::validate() method.

You may also override yii\validators\Validator::validate Value() instead of ) when attaching validator.

This is because the same validator will run for each attribute (3 times in total) and we only need to run it once for the whole attribute set.

validating email addresses), you may call the validate() method of the desired validator, like the following: .This should be done by overriding the yii\base\Model::rules() method.The following example shows how the validation rules for the Most validators have default error messages that will be added to the model being validated when its attributes fail the validation.PHP Server Side Form Validation is highly recommended and unbreakable from browser like front-side Java Script validation easily crack from browser, and Java Script form validation is user friendly and Java Script validation can save user time and even user don’t need to fill again and again form fields if fails from php validation, j Query client side form validation I have skipped html and css steps in this tutorial’s layout, you can learn form given link of post first get the length of enter password if length is 0(zero) then $error shown below of password field please enter password and set $is_valid_form equal to false else check password ! == compression check password and confirm password text and type must be same.Before going out and learning a full fledged framework I'm trying to understand the MVC pattern coding basic stuff, at the moment I'm testing with MVC applied to form validation.

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