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Usually animal lovers are lucky if they tune into a web cam of their favorite creature and see it awake, eating, or engaging in any kind of action at all.Well, there was a lot of action — perhaps a little too much — on a live cam of a family of bald eagles on Tuesday, when the parents fed their eaglets a cat.“Normally I’d just go off to Hawaii and say, ‘Phone me with the grosses.’ This time I’m going to be counting heads in line.” On the legal front, things seem to be going Lowe’s way.In November his lawyers paid an undisclosed sum to Jan Parsons and her father, John (a retired Air Force major who won custody of Jan after he and his wife divorced in March 1989).Their plane had just left De Kalb Peachtree Airport.Above, Phillip Byrd, who died in the crash Investigators at the scene: The plane is believed to have clipped a truck as it fell toward the central median of the road, erupting into flames on impact.Witnesses reported seeing the plane nearly hit a traffic light pole Wreckage: Scars across the pavement of four lanes of busy Interstate 285 were found by investigators (pictured).They ended at a concrete highway divider, where the wreckage of the Piper PA-32 was found Happy occasion: Earlier this week, the NTSB released a preliminary report revealing that the family's aircraft was moving slowly before it crashed.

For a Brat Packer who was trying to recast himself as an artiste-slash-activist, it was humbling to realize that America had seen his moon-white backside moving in monotonous rhythm atop a moaning female. club where disaffected young moderns are sipping Stoli, watching an arty sex show and languidly cruising for a night’s company.After thrashing about with his brunet partner, he hops out of bed, naked, to saunter into the bathroom.He reports the crash to dispatch as he turns across a grassy median in a bid to get there faster In flames: Once he reaches the site of the incident, the officer screams at motorists who have pulled over: 'Get back! The document also revealed the last words of Greg Byrd - a retired Buncombe County, North Carolina, deputy - who radioed air traffic controllers to say he was struggling to gain altitude after takeoff.Trying to help: As black smoke continues to stream upward, the traffic comes to a stop.

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He was beleaguered by reporters and slapped with a civil suit by the mother of one of his playmates (a 16-year-old Atlanta area girl whose performance was not part of the widely seen tape).

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