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The principle of accountability for human rights abuse is increasingly unfettered by national borders, as the 1998 arrest of former Chilean President Augusto Pinochet in London demonstrated.

The ad hoc United Nations war crimes tribunal that was convened for the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s was extended to Rwanda in the middle of the decade, presaging a broader move toward international justice.

Original television series emerge from many markets, and selecting from the most popular, producers transform shows for other markets, using local talent and cultural nuances.

The world has changed how Hollywood works, Lynton concludes.

This literally means that you cannot manage or know the affairs of the house of your neighbour.

This is a saying the people of Ebukanga village, Kisa location in Kakamega district of the Western Province of Kenya usually use when respecting one's privacy and affairs.

In the coming decade, the establishment of an International Criminal Court will be a watershed in that move.

Culture is a pattern of human activities and the symbols that give these activities significance.In Federal Republic of Nigeria (1988), culture comprises material, institutional, philosophical and creative aspects.GLOBALIZATION AND ITS SOCIAL-CULTURAL-POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC IMPACTS Modern humans have created many thousands of distinct cultures.AN OVERVIEW OF ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, AND DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS AFFECTING THE US LABOR MARKET Impact of Globalization on Organizational Culture, Behaviour and Gender Role By: Mirjana Radovic-Markovic Published 2012 The "new" in new economy means a more stable and longer growth, with more jobs, lower inflation and interest rates, explosion of free markets worldwide, the unparalleled access to knowledge through the Internet and new type of organization which affects organizational change.Perhaps the most tangible evidence of globalization’s impact on democratization has been the infusion of democratic norms, and the principles of human rights that support them, into many international and regional institutions.

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The Organization of African Unity, also a traditional diplomatic group, is attempting to forge a regional human rights code modeled after the Helsinki process in Europe. Regional groups adopt codes of democratic practice where a quorum of democracies already exists or where the largest and most economically powerful states are democratic.

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