Powerpoint 2016 chart not updating

Our newly introduced data series are looking a little flat.In the raw data, we can see a couple of major variances in both births and deaths, so let’s make sure the chart reflects that.Double-click the horizontal axis – Period – and change the Axis position from Between tick marks to On tick marks.

I’m going with 100 as we have a number of data series with similar values between the two potential units.

Our current vertical axis range cannot accommodate the lower values – so we will add a secondary axis.

First of all, I’ll expand the data selection range to encompass Live Births and Deaths. I can now select the chart type and axis for each data series.

Our graph currently only features one set of data, so the color choice will have little effect, but as more are added, colors will help your potential audience discern between different sets of information. Now, we’d like to add additional data series to our chart, but simply expanding the data selection range won’t do the job. The values in the first column are in the tens of thousands.

However, the values in the following columns are only in the hundreds, and at points down to single digits.

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